Swell Energy provides energy services for electric utilities and homeowners alike.

In order to meet the needs of an evolving grid, we offer energy providers of all sizes access to a network of aggregated solar + storage assets alongside customized grid services.

The Swell Energy value ecosystem

Through our collaborative partnerships and projects, we create value for:

Investor-owned Utilities
Municipal Utilities
Utility Cooperatives
Retail Energy Providers
Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Electricity Providers
Utilities are facing increased pressures to comply with grid mandates and sustainability targets, all while meeting growing demand and delivering reliable, cost-effective and low-carbon services to customers.

These are not small problems, but our smart grid solutions are helping to create a cleaner, safer and more reliable energy future for all. Alongside our utility partners, we are building virtual power plants (VPPs) that deliver a wide range of benefits:

Sustainability Improvements

VPPs address load growth without building new carbon-intensive infrastructure, allowing for the decommissioning of fossil-fuel infrastructure and supporting sustainability targets.

Frequency Response

Manage reliability during grid disturbances by stabilizing frequency following the sudden gains or losses of generation or load with VPPs.

Reliable Supply

Distributed energy storage enables the use of low cost solar power and delivers the reliability that end-use customers are seeking, while supporting their broader community and the environment.

Load Management

As a demand response solution, VPPs can balance the supply of electricity on the network by adjusting or controlling the load during periods of peak demand.

Renewable Energy Balancing

The network of distributed energy storage assets can balance the overall intermittency and variability of renewable energy generation, to include excess production.

Non-wires Solutions

Distributed energy resources can reduce the strain on distribution and transmission infrastructure and enable utilities to defer or avoid infrastructure upgrades.

Swell Energy streamlines VPP adoption by offering additional services:

Enhanced Customer Experience

Comprehensive energy dashboard and integrated offerings make power personal for homeowners and businesses.

Zero-Down Financing

Robust financing options allow utilities to offer clean, reliable back-up power to customers for no upfront cost.

Easy Installations

A vast network of local solar and battery installers and technology partners enables the quick deployment of distributed energy resources at scale.

Swell Energy unites utilities, electricity suppliers, end-use customers, and construction and technology partners behind the shared goal of achieving reliable, cost-effective, clean and flexible energy